Greenwood Exterior Renovation

Our clients approached us about their wish to give their 1900’s home a full exterior makeover. We were really excited by the possibility of a full energy retrofit. Collaborating together, we made plans for not just the beautiful facade they were seeking but a truly energy efficient overhaul that would exceed all our expectations both aesthetically and for final energy tightness. Our clients are very energy conscious, both personally and professionally, so working through the options that renovating from the exterior would address in relation to comfort, air loss and insulation was a no-brainer. While the main goal was to give the home a clean, updated facade, what became obvious through the planning and educating process was the appeal of the long-term comfort and money-saving opportunities that existed and subsequently became an instrumental part of the renovation design. It is now the most talked about house on the street.
Greenwood Exterior Renovation
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